Brass Turned Parts, Brass and CNC machining,
CNC Milling and Turning Services

We offer highly customised Brass and CNC machining based on the specific requirements and needs of our clients. We are manufacturers of Brass and CNC machining and sheet metal parts which are used in Switch gear manufactures, Automobile manufactures , General Engineering manufactures , Electronics manufactures, Machined Tool manufactures and so forth. These precision machined parts are manufactured from Ferrous and Non-ferrous materials of preferable grades.

Brass parts:
We bring forth for our clients main superiority Brass Products, which contain free cutting brass, most important brass, foreign brass, riveting brass, hegemony free brass, high-quality brass and naval brass. Additionally, we also provide gilded brass, red brass etc. Developed under a superiority bound development, these can be availed in different varieties.

CNC Machining:
We provide High class products along with CNC machining on state of the art CNC machines with elevated accuracy. All manufacturing from build to CNC machining is in house so we can maintain consistency.. We work with drawings or tasters and can also do CNC machining ofconnected parts.
Precision Turned Parts:

Precision Turned Parts are used to best quality standards. These parts have made with well-built construction, superior efficiency and long service life. Precision Turned Parts are available at most affordable rates and are available in dissimilar shapes, sizes, and finishes to suit the measurements of the clients. So, precision turned parts manufactures offer these quality parts to our customers in customised packages.

Precision turned parts are used in sub discipline industries such as electric engineering, precision engineering, mechanical engineering and optical engineering anxious with designing machines, fixtures, and other structures that have peculiarly low tolerances and repeatable. Precision Turning and Machining can provide small to medium range batch runs of superiority precision components on time and at the correct price.

Certificates of conformance can be supplied upon request